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Bill Bastian
Sparks Development

Lighting Internal Fires That Ignite Change

Corporate Firewalking Workshops

Rituals of Sucess:
The Firewalk
This program is like none other. The Firewalking experience is designed to energize, challenge, and motivate individuals to take an active role in the driving force of their careers, lives, and tasks that are created along the way. A seminar designed to transform individual doubt and fear into an empowering focus; aligning oneself towards action and goals. The environment is created so that participants can freely and safely explore and reshape a new paradigm of awareness.

Workshop Image
    Breakthrough Exercises Lead Participants In:
  • Naming and addressing fears and obstacles
  • Tapping the power of the will for professional effectiveness
  • Pulling all the stops-attaining our vision
  • Utilizing action to energize and manifest goals
  • Producing techniques for empowering and focusing productive energies

At the end of the workshop, there is an optional Firewalking Team Building Experience for those participants who want to experience the impossible.

When we actually perform an act of greatness and achievement, we become the process; thereby instilling a neurological pathway in the mind and body to direct recall. We can then utilize this experience when we are confronted by a new challenge, fear, or need to make a breakthrough; we have the foundation for moving into action.

For most of us, we are committed to go beyond our personal best. In this workshop, we learn how to access controlled focus and trust ourselves to push the envelope to see, think, and experience ourselves transcending our limiting belief system and raising personal growth to a new level.

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the Firewalking Experience for change in their lives. Experience the way of success in your life. This workshop will introduce you and your organization to evolving techniques that can propel anyone beyond their limiting belief system.

Sparks Development also offers an array of other workshops for corporations, outreach programs, and other organizations. Please contact us for any special needs and requests at: web@billbastian.com.

To learn about firewalking visit our Firewalking, A Brief History page.


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