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Outreach Programs and Rope Courses

We are dedicated to creating workshops in personal growth, leadership, decision making skills, and human development; including outreach workshops for Teens and Families "at risk" and correctional/juvenile detention facilities involved with prerelease programs.

Personal Growth Workshops
We adapt ancient rituals to create modern-day rites of passage. We look to create a place for people to step into an experience which will propel them into self-discovery and personal mastery, all while exploring the self. The workshops are packed with exercises that teach leadership skills, boost self-esteem, and instruct participants on techniques for moving past those obstacles and fears that prevent us from obtaining our vision.

The transition from childhood to young adulthood has commonly been one in which adolescents struggle to find their place and individuality. In addition to this struggle, today's children vicariously live their lives through fads, consumerism, video games, and television programs, progressing from Nickelodeon to MTV. Their lives lack the rites of passage that serve as catalysts for self-examination, discovery, and growth. Our intent is to inspire others to actively reach out for their life's vision, boost self-esteem and to show how anyone can turn their dreams into reality.

"Master Yourself And You Can Master Anything."
  --Ancient Proverb

California Department of Corrections Star Program
We work closely with the California Department of Corrections Star Program with regularly scheduled workshops which encourage each participant to create a vision in his or her life. The workshops are highly energized with an emphasis on making the moves to live within the greatness of life, the celebration of sobriety, and the knowledge of how to get there.

Rope Courses
Information will be posted soon.

For more information on our outreach programs, and rope courses or to organize an event, please call (310) 561-6798.


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