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Bill Bastian
Sparks Development

Lighting Internal Fires That Ignite Change

Corporate Workshops & Seminars

No two organizations are alike. Each seminar is tailored to meet your needs by designing it according to a specific theme and audience. All seminars are also available as 60 or 90 minute Keynote Speeches or as a half-day, whole day, or multi-day workshops.


Forward As One:
Creating Cooperative Teams
Generating an awareness to focus and team support. Designed to create a united vision, team participants are taught specific techniques to access the energy needed to obtain "The Vision," to move past limiting beliefs, and embrace the realities of winning big. Experience breakthrough exercises you never thought possible and will never forget!

  • Identify commonalties within a team
  • Identify and harmonize individual goals with team goals
  • Develop a productive thought process
  • Inspiring others-empowering yourself
  • Making yourself clearly understood
  • Adopting techniques that reduce stress and improve clarity
  • Experience realities in 100% focus

Team Building Workshop

Harnessing Passion:
Greatness From The Inside Out
A perfect seminar to increase productivity, and to create a great work-life balance. Learn to let go of accumulated tension, in the body and mind, which interferes with optimum performance. Understanding how the subconscious operates allows us to develop tools to achieve desirable results in our lives and careers; an educational presentation packed with fun and easy to learn exercises.

  • Learn easy, step by step, exercises to relax the mind
  • Create a new awareness to creativity and learning
  • Create a new positive thought process
  • Learn the tremendous benefits of the "take five" meditation
  • Break free of undesirable behaviors such as smoking, stressing, poor eating habits

Rituals of Success:
The Firewalk
Visit our Corporate Firewalking page for information regarding this workshop.

Team Building    Team Building

Client Testimonials
"I was at your seminar this morning and thought you were fabulous!"
-Lisa M. Tunney, Sales Manager
  -Pacific Marine Yachts

"There were so many opportunities to face my fears, to state my vision, to claim myself, to feel support. I am so very grateful."
  -Workshop Participant
  -North Carolina


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